People First

Our processes are designed to put people first. From the moment a potential team member walks through our door, it is important to set the right tone:

  1. Create a warm and welcoming atmosphere. Our associates are valued members of the Staffing Leadership Group team, and putting our best foot forward allows them to see the positivity of our company’s culture.
  2. Open up a channel of communication. Honesty leads to trust, and setting a strong foundation for communication will pay dividends in any relationship.
  3. Streamline the process. By removing confusion and bottlenecks in our hiring process, we ensure that our process is designed to work for our associates, rather than our associates having to cope with the unnecessary strain.

Our values of service, leadership, and continuous growth allow us to be flexible while maintaining a robust work process. We invest in our employees, bringing them onto the SLG team as valuable partners who are in turn motivated in enriching their careers.